Release Party

Release Party Photos

Wow, what a blast! I’m not going to lie, I was worried about every last detail. I was bouncing on my heels at 7:30 pm, despite my friends’ earnest efforts to make me calm down. Finally, Cody handed me a shot of whiskey. After that, everything flowed smoothly.

The venue filled out. The openers, Mwiza and Ella Jet, played so beautifully and added variety to the show. The sound guy was diligent. My dad showed up unexpectedly. I am so happy with the way things turned out. Thank you everyone who came out and made this night so special. I’m looking forward to the next one!

EP - Your Type of Crazy · Recording at Clear Track

Recording the EP

I did some shopping around for recording studios to see if I could save some money. In the end, I decided to go back to Clear Track Studios because:

  1. They had the greatest number of great-quality sample tracks on their website.
  2. The best facility and equipment that I’ve seen so far
  3. I know and like the recording engineer, Spencer Bradham

Again, my #1 criteria was the quality of sample tracks. I listened to other studios, but no one came close. The drawback was that Clear Track was the most expensive – but why settle if I could afford it? This time, with a rehearsed band and a fully-developed idea in mind, I was confident I would get a great product.

We started on Sunday, April 2 with drums and bass. Eric and Richard nailed their parts like the pros they are. We finished the next weekend with guitar and vocals. To save time, keys and background vocals were recorded in my home studio and added in the mixing phase.

We took the time to record video of the recording process. I synced it up with my single “Too Slow” to make a music video. I’ll be releasing the video in just a few days! Yay! Thanks Tim Bedinghaus for the great shots.


EP - Your Type of Crazy · Pre-production


After a couple rehearsals, I decided on the grand master plan for producing this EP:

  1. Record the songs at my home studio (track each individual musician)
  2. I arrange and edit the music at home, send the “scratch” tracks out to the band
  3. Record everyone for real at Clear Track studios.
  4. Mixing and mastering by Clear Track, with production by me.

It’s been going well. I had to bring each person to my house once per week to record, and we just recently finished the last song.

I finally scheduled dates for us to go into Clear Track! We start tracking there in early April. This time with a definite style/sound in mind, I am absolutely thrilled about releasing this EP. The next step will be planning the release party!!!! AHH! I want to have it in late May or early June.

This whole thing is blowing a hole in my bank account. It’s also eating up all my time right now; I have late nights and burn-out weekends. It’s so worth it, though. In the end, even if people don’t really like my music, I’ll be glad to know that I created something with personal meaning.

EP - Your Type of Crazy · Pre-production

KatAnna – the band.

Meet Eric Allaire (drums), Richard Jimenez (bass), Spencer Davis (electric guitar), and Cody Moore (keys & sax)! They are my new band mates!

A few months ago, I felt a little stir-crazy and decided I wanted to create my first EP for real. I had a few options:

  1. Do the whole thing myself: arrange, produce, perform, mix, master, promote, release… yuck. I knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all those goals in a reasonable time frame. Learning to mix was really my biggest setback; it takes time and experience and focus. I wanted to get to the release part ASAP.
  2. Get a band and go into a studio: arrange, produce, perform my parts, promote, release. This is expensive, but it cuts my work in half. Time is the more difficult resource to deal with right now, so I chose this option. Another advantage is that I now have 4 connections to other friends, musical / music business advice, venues, and general support.

Cody Moore, my college marching band buddy, helped me pull the band together. At first I was honestly worried that having a band would slow me down – since rehearsals and human chemistry and blah blah blah. But if anything, it has forced me to stay true to my timeline. Also, their musical input has really taken my songs to the next level – they are so talented. I worried that there would be drama, but these guys are nice and chill. No divas (except me, of course). They’re pretty much down for whatever as long as their schedules allow.