Recording the EP

I did some shopping around for recording studios to see if I could save some money. In the end, I decided to go back to Clear Track Studios because:

  1. They had the greatest number of great-quality sample tracks on their website.
  2. The best facility and equipment that I’ve seen so far
  3. I know and like the recording engineer, Spencer Bradham

Again, my #1 criteria was the quality of sample tracks. I listened to other studios, but no one came close. The drawback was that Clear Track was the most expensive – but why settle if I could afford it? This time, with a rehearsed band and a fully-developed idea in mind, I was confident I would get a great product.

We started on Sunday, April 2 with drums and bass. Eric and Richard nailed their parts like the pros they are. We finished the next weekend with guitar and vocals. To save time, keys and background vocals were recorded in my home studio and added in the mixing phase.

We took the time to record video of the recording process. I synced it up with my single “Too Slow” to make a music video. I’ll be releasing the video in just a few days! Yay! Thanks Tim Bedinghaus for the great shots.



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