Home Studio (6): The Desk

Harry built me a desk! It took a lot longer than we thought it would, but it came out so beautiful. Happy birthday to me!


The design: First, we visualized it. How big did I want it? Where would the monitors go? I wanted rack mounts (the speaker shelves) and a slide-out tray for the MIDI keyboard. Then, we drew it out and took measurements. Harry went to Home Depot and purchased pieces of wood and stain. He cut the pieces in our back room, sanded them and notched them. The edges came out round and smooth. He assembled the desk to make sure the pieces were cut right in the right dimensions. Then he started staining, which was the long part; the plywood was very light and absorbed a lot of stain before it would turn dark. He also took special care with the stain so it would look even and not blotchy. After about 6 weeks of that, he finally assembled the finished desk!

It makes such a huge difference to have all that working surface. I can fit all my speakers on it! And now all the wires are hidden, which gives the whole room a sleek, professional look! I would guess that a similar piece of new furniture would have cost me $1000.


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