After a couple rehearsals, I decided on the grand master plan for producing this EP:

  1. Record the songs at my home studio (track each individual musician)
  2. I arrange and edit the music at home, send the “scratch” tracks out to the band
  3. Record everyone for real at Clear Track studios.
  4. Mixing and mastering by Clear Track, with production by me.

It’s been going well. I had to bring each person to my house once per week to record, and we just recently finished the last song.

I finally scheduled dates for us to go into Clear Track! We start tracking there in early April. This time with a definite style/sound in mind, I am absolutely thrilled about releasing this EP. The next step will be planning the release party!!!! AHH! I want to have it in late May or early June.

This whole thing is blowing a hole in my bank account. It’s also eating up all my time right now; I have late nights and burn-out weekends. It’s so worth it, though. In the end, even if people don’t really like my music, I’ll be glad to know that I created something with personal meaning.


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