KatAnna – the band.

Meet Eric Allaire (drums), Richard Jimenez (bass), Spencer Davis (electric guitar), and Cody Moore (keys & sax)! They are my new band mates!

A few months ago, I felt a little stir-crazy and decided I wanted to create my first EP for real. I had a few options:

  1. Do the whole thing myself: arrange, produce, perform, mix, master, promote, release… yuck. I knew I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all those goals in a reasonable time frame. Learning to mix was really my biggest setback; it takes time and experience and focus. I wanted to get to the release part ASAP.
  2. Get a band and go into a studio: arrange, produce, perform my parts, promote, release. This is expensive, but it cuts my work in half. Time is the more difficult resource to deal with right now, so I chose this option. Another advantage is that I now have 4 connections to other friends, musical / music business advice, venues, and general support.

Cody Moore, my college marching band buddy, helped me pull the band together. At first I was honestly worried that having a band would slow me down – since rehearsals and human chemistry and blah blah blah. But if anything, it has forced me to stay true to my timeline. Also, their musical input has really taken my songs to the next level – they are so talented. I worried that there would be drama, but these guys are nice and chill. No divas (except me, of course). They’re pretty much down for whatever as long as their schedules allow.


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