Home Studio (3): Guitars

I’m a music stuff junkie. The thought of a new solid-wood acoustic guitar makes my palms sweaty. I feel like Tina from Bob’s Burgers.

My first guitar was actually a birthday gift from my dad to my little brother. It was a red Ovation Celebrity. Kyle never played it, and I watched it gather dust in our house, unloved. I stole it from him and practiced in college from time to time. I started playing regularly (for gigs) after college. I have since traded in the Ovation for different guitars.

So here’s a few instruments that I’ve owned at one point or another:
Little Martin LX
Taylor 114ce
Taylor GS Mini
Martin Custom Series X1-000E (used)
Little Martin LX
Taylor 414ce
Breedlove Atlas (used)
Ibanez concert (don’t remember the model because I ended up disliking it)

Here are the guitars I own now:
Larrivee OM-02
Tanglewood TW-45 WOPE

I knew it was ridiculous to own so many. I never owned more than 4 at a time. I traded or sold them off each time I wanted to try a new one. I could usually make my money back for used equipment.

Larrivee is my current choice of guitar brand – balanced and beautiful, it just makes me want to sing with it. The Tanglewood body style is nice and small (like me), and the pickup cuts through an ensemble nicely. It was so cute, I used it in a photoshoot.

Taylors and Martins are wonderful but they’re so expensive! You can get something just as good for half the price from Larrivee, Breedlove, or even Yamaha. I’ve also considered Blueridge and Seagull. I guess I enjoy wearing a brand name that’s not so mainstream.



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